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BPS Dentures in Edmonton

In addition to our digital dentures, Dan’s denture Clinic Ltd. also offers BPS dentures in Edmonton. If you think digital dentures do not suit you, we can fabricate both standard and premium dentures using Ivoclar BPS denture protocol. We are certified Ivoclar BPS providers and are up to date with the new technologies. We have spared no expense in providing you with traditional and digital dentures. 

BPS Precision Dentures

We are fully BPS certified, and not only do we provide standard dentures but also BPS precision dentures. We use the latest machinery for processing for exacting fit and excellent function and esthetics. From standard teeth to top-of-the-line Phonares teeth, we have everything with us for an exacting esthetic results. Because your smile is the frame by which people judge you, and you deserve the very best services we can offer. 

Ivoclar Stratos articulators are some of the best articulators around because you deserve the best equipment we can possibly get to set up your new teeth.

See more on about Ivoclar BPS dentures on YouTube video here.

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