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Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures in Northeast Edmonton

Every smile is one of a kind, with a unique tooth shape and jaw alignment. Our complete dentures in Northeast Edmonton are personalized to give you a natural-looking smile. We use quality materials and proven technical processes to create dentures that stimulate natural jaw movements and ensure optimum function in speaking, eating, and laughing.

Just when you thought “a denture is a denture,” Dan’s Denture Clinic comes along with three protocols and solutions for complete dentures. “Why?” you ask. This is because we aspire to serve all treatment levels and budgets. Let our denturist help you select the most suitable plan. Call to schedule an appointment.

Our Services

We are perfecting one smile at a time to give customers the best results. For those missing all their natural teeth, our complete dentures plans include:

Standard dentures

Standard dentures provide a budget-friendly option to replace missing teeth. With proper care, these appliances can last many years. Since these dentures are only available in a standard size, our denturist will make extensive adjustments to ensure the desired fit. Standard dentures stay in place only through suction, impacting activities like chewing and speaking.

BPS® precision-designed dentures

When you need premium-quality dentures, BPS® is a clear choice to get the optimum comfort, appearance, fit and function. It is made up of quality materials that resist stain, chipping, and wear. Conventional denture bases are prone to shrinkage and require frequent adjustments. The Ivocap injection system compensates for this, ensuring a great fit at all times for enhanced comfort and functionality.

Digital dentures

Creating dentures digitally maximizes customization possibilities. Our denturist uses the latest equipment to do a digital scan of the complete mouth to accurately design your dentures. As a result, you receive dentures that closely replicate your natural teeth. Digitally-created dentures are easily replaced as our denturist keeps the scans for future denture replacement needs.

NAIT protocol dentures

Our denturist conforms to the prescribed denture fabrication protocol and has received the NAIT’s 3-year Denturist Technology program. Adhering to protocol helps us fabricate dentures with precision, down to the last detail.

Customized Dentures on a Budget

We offer a variety of options to accommodate your needs and budget.

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