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Digital Dentures

Advanced Digital Dentures in Northeast Edmonton

Conventional dentures can be uncomfortable and painful to wear as they allow limited customization and replacing lost/broken dentures takes a very long time. Dan’s Denture Clinic offers one of the best digital dentures in Northeast Edmonton. 

Designed entirely on the computer with full-arch scanned models and impressions, the new dentures are stored in an STL file. We then fabricate the dentures using our state-of-the-art 3D printers. This results in a long-lasting denture that fits absolutely perfectly and looks tremendous. The availability of digital files also makes replacements quick and easy for patients. Meet our denturist today to discover how digital dentures can save you time and money.

Faster Turnaround Time and Fewer Appointments

Imagine coming into our offices at 9:00 PM, and over two appointments, you have your dentures ready. Return at 1:00 PM for your try-in and walk home with a new set of dentures. Our digital dentures are designed to fit you so well that you’ll need no adjustments. These are perfect for seniors, those who cannot afford to take a lot of time off work and those who live in remote locations.

Precise Fit

The traditional methods use multiple models and impressions that can introduce distortions in the denture bases. With the digital dentures, the accuracy is expressed in microns through full-arch scans that are produced in just 8 seconds! This results in a perfectly fitting set of teeth. The teeth are printed and then designed carefully to adapt to your mouth.

Digital dentures look fantastic, and if your existing dentures look good and you don’t want too many changes, we can use them as a template for the new teeth.

The best part about getting dentures from us is that you don’t have to pay any extra charges for this new service because we save on lab supplies so much that we pass that saving on to you. Seniors, out-of-town folks, and people who cannot afford time off from work will benefit from this new service.

Benefit from Digital Dentures

For increased comfort, a precise bite, better fit in just a few appointments, digital dentures is the way to go.

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