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Call for Immediate, Same-Day Dentures in Edmonton

Immediate dentures are recommended for those with several remaining front teeth that will need to be extracted, or “pulled.” As a mobile denturist service, Dan’s Denture Clinic Ltd. can fabricate immediate, same-day dentures in Edmonton and all of the surrounding areas. These dentures will appear much like your original teeth so you can smile with confidence.

Our immediate denture services always include follow-up appointments, as well as close consultation with an oral surgeon or dentist. There will also be three tissue-conditioning treatments and a final reline at the end of your six-month healing and adjustment process.

If you are currently a candidate for a full-mouth extraction, call Dan’s Denture Clinic Ltd. to arrange an appointment for immediate, same-day dentures. Night and weekend appointment options are available.

For mobile services or to reach our clinic, please contact us at 780‑244‑3200. Our toll-free number is 1‑855‑554‑4810.

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