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The Smile You’ve Been Wanting: Implants Over Dentures for Edmonton Patients

There are many types of denture options on the market, but a majority of denturists identify the new standard of care as implants over dentures. Edmonton patients love the fact that they do not need to forego the foods they used to love when they had their natural teeth; apples, meats, raw vegetables — all these can be easily chewed with implant-supported dentures.

Dental Implants

Implants over dentures also provide for the most realistic appearance of all the denture options on the market. This will be a smile you’ll want to share with everyone!

They’re healthy for your gums, too; since implants over dentures are fused into the jawbone, bone resorption is greatly diminished, when compared to traditional dentures

Dan’s Denture Clinic Ltd. would be happy to refer you to an oral surgeon for the placement of your artificial roots. Then, we will get to work in fabricating an implant-supported denture that will allow you to smile big, talk clearly, and enjoy all your favourite foods. As this practice has become more common, the cost has become rather reasonable when compared to alternative treatments.

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