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Call for Partial Dentures in Edmonton and the Surrounding Areas

When you have remaining teeth, a partial denture may be the right option for you. While a bridge or implant is often a far better option, personal budget constraints and the number of missing teeth may dictate your ideal course of treatment. Fortunately with Dan’s Denture Clinic Ltd., you can receive personalized, mobile services for partial dentures in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. 

Partial Dentures

We fabricate several styles of partial dentures, such as traditional cast metal partial dentures, as well as a new style of partial denture that has no metal clasps and is more aesthetically pleasing. Your partial denture will be fabricated to closely fit your mouth and teeth to provide you with the most comfort. Dan’s Denture Clinic Ltd. has several types and styles of partial dentures available and we would be glad to go over the benefits of each.

Duraflex Partial Dentures

Request Our Mobile Denture Service

To have Dan’s Denture Clinic Ltd. come to your home, assisted living or long-term care facility, please call us at any time. Our clinic can be reached at 780‑244‑3200 for mobile services, or call toll free at 1‑855‑554‑4810. Night and weekend appointments are available for your convenience.

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