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Denture Options as Unique as You Are

Restore your teeth’s function with customized denture solutions from Dan’s Denture Clinic.

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Your Trusted Denture Clinic in Northeast Edmonton

Are you looking to replace your missing teeth with custom-fit dentures? Or perhaps you are experiencing discomfort due to your current dentures. Dan’s Denture Clinic is the trusted, well-known denture clinic in Northeast Edmonton for missing teeth, broken or poorly-fitted dentures, and uncomfortable dentures.

Your denture should never hurt you; it should look good and fit and function well. For this reason, we create natural-looking denture appliances customized to make you feel better, help you eat well, and smile with confidence. Our clinic is carefully designed to give patients the most up-to-date services in a calm, welcoming setting. Make an appointment with our experienced denturist to discover your denture options or get quick denture repair and maintenance services.

What Makes Our Practice Unique

We are committed to giving our patients a one-stop service experience. You will be happy to know that we accept challenging dental cases and handle repairs, relines, and other modifications. All treatments are provided using economy and high-end protocols. We prioritize customer satisfaction in the following ways:

  • We offer acrylic, DuraFlex and milled titanium partial dentures.

  • Our clinic provides sports guards, night guards and bite splints.

  • We offer fair pricing and directly bill most insurance plans.

  • Our clinic accepts all patients, including NHIB and AISH.

  • We make adjustments free of charge for three months.

Please note that you don’t need to take appointments for minor adjustments in your dentures.


Our Family’s Go-to Clinic for Years

“Many in my family have used Dan's Denture Clinic services. We enjoy the relaxed and casual atmosphere at the clinic and the attention to detail in his work. I have had partial dentures made by Dan and my parents have had complete dentures mad by Dan. He is genuinely concerned for our problems and makes sure that we are fully satisfied when we go there for whatever reason. If he needs to take a longer time he will let us know. My new denture on the top is working perfectly for more than three years now. He also bills the insurance directly and this can take sometimes a long time but the work will get done quickly and professionally. Thanks you Dan for all you have done for our famiiy......”

- Anne G. - 25/03/2022

Experienced and Professional

“After some appointments with different dentist, and denture clinic, I thought Dan’s denture clinic is the best choice for me. Dan is experienced, professional, friendly, and honest. He explained all detail about the partial denture I wanted. Wednesday I tried on my denture it is thin and comfortable. Dan told me to go in if I need adjustment that’s no appointment needed. Today Dan made a little bit adjustment so my denture fit even better. It’s lucky for me with this great denture clinic in my neighborhood.”

- ML C. - 25/03/2022

Highly Recommend This Place

“Highly recommend this place. Had a flex partial made and they feel so normal and comfortable. My dentist relined my wired partial and did the casts wrong so it was totally ruined. Dan was very knowledgeable and made sure the plate fit properly and was always patient with the process. Color is right, tooth length was right and it looks so natural. Highly recommend this denturist for any dental appliances. Thanks Dan for everything. My friend said ` No one ever says their teeth are comfortable` but mine are!”

- Beverley N. - 25/03/2022

Great Service, Great Quality, Unbeatable Price

“Just got home after seeing Dan at 1 pm... it's just after 3:30... added a tooth to my partial to make it a full denture, and relined it for the best fit I've ever had. All for slightly over half of what he quoted me for the end cost. Ya... great service, great quality, and an unbeatable price. I'll be taking my business to Dan for my denture work for sure.”

- Phil S. - 25/03/2022

Helped Relieve My Gum Pain

“Thanks to Dan's clinic. He helps me a lot and relieve my gum's pain. Highly recommended thanks Dan. Christine Rempel”

- Ehtine T. and D. C. - 25/03/2022

Our guarantee

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Post Insertion Care

Enjoy a guarantee of 3 months and get post-insertion care for free on your dentures - no extra charge.

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Insurance Assistance

We accept and bill all recognized insurance providers, saving you time and effort.

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On-site Denture Lab

With our in-house denture lab, we ensure high-quality work - always done without delay.

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Customized for You

We help every customer with a denture solution personalized for a perfectly-fitting smile.




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We also offer direct billing to most insurance companies.


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