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Duraflex Partial Dentures

Duraflex offers comfort, strength and a comfortable fit and function so you can enjoy your partial denture for a long er time than would normally be served by an acrylic Partial denture. They are more esthetic and can be very rewarding to wear.

Here at Dan's we inject our own duraflex dentures and can repair and or reline them if necessary. We offer two types of duraflex one being standard duraflex in a variety of gum and tooth shades. Duraflex are not for everybody though and sometimes we need to try a duraflex to see if it will work because duraflex are totally tissue supported.


If we try a duraflex and we find you are having too much trouble with it then we have the traditional metal frame partials that are supported by the remaining teeth to prescribe. You will receive a full credit towards a metal partial in this case.


As well we offer duracetyl for those who don't have sufficient room to have a standard duraflex. A  duracetyl is a form of one piece denture that we can fabricate for you that is virtually unbreakable and highly esthetic. Because the teeth do not bond directly to the base, diatoric holes must be added for retention. Front teeth cannot use diatoric holes so we use a key-way....Because the attachment is not quite as strong the patient must be careful with them especially when biting into foods. However duracetyl dentures are very strong and are made of a single piece of thermal nylon. This is the best by far but the ability to match the tooth shade is not as wide as duraflex......


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