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Specialty dentures

When traditional dentures are not favorable we can fabricate specialty dentures such as Neutral Zone for flat ridges, Parkinson's, and Stroke patients who have a difficult time with traditional dentures.  We carry cutter bars , Swissdent and Dr. French Centric line teeth for those with flat ridges. So if you feel you need something other than a standard denture please allow us to assess your needs and recommend a denture that is easier to chew with and custom designed for your situation. 


- Long lasting back teeth being porcelain are achievable.

- easy to chew with and can resume chewing such things as peanuts, steaks, and other tougher foods.


- There is no guided occlusion and some find this difficult to get accustomed too.

cutter bar denture

Cutter bars are an older technology that accommodates people with flat ridges and who cannot get implant studs to keep the lower dentures in place. Once we insert this stye of back teeth they can chew steaks peanuts and all sort of foods they could not with standard dentures. Best of all Dan's dos not surcharge for any specialty tooth that we place. very few complains or adjustments are needed for this type of denture.

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