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Implant overdentures.

No denture clinic can place implants.....the implants must be placed by a certified trained dentist.....We can make the dentures with special clips that will hold our denture in place......When the stability of your lower denture has not been satisfactory or you are losing too much bone from resorption, Implant dentures may be the ideal choice for you.


This is a huge broad field and I will try and explain what they are.

What are the benefits of an implant-supported denture?

While traditional dentures may be a better option for some patients, there is no denying the numerous and unique benefits of implant-supported dentures.

  • Natural look & feel

Dentures placed over implants look, feel and function almost exactly like natural teeth. Because the denture implant is fused into the jawbone, there is no movement or slippage and no more need for messy adhesives.

  • No more sore spots

One of the most problematic denture issues are sore spots. This is not the case with implant-supported dentures because the denture rests on the implant and not on gum tissue.

  • Improved oral health

Traditional dentures are supported by the gums and over time, these prosthetic teeth will wear down the soft tissues of the mouth. With implant-supported dentures, the structure is supported by the implants which don’t apply any added pressure to the gums. Additionally, denture implants provide constant stimulation to the jawbone, protecting against any future bone loss.

  • Improved chewing ability

Because of the stability and biting force implant-supported dentures provide, you will have fewer diet restrictions and won’t have to avoid your favorite crunchy, tough or chewy foods.

Implant denture retention studs
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