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Winnipegers and copy dentures.

Occasionally patients get so used to their old worn out dentures a that any changes are not tolerated. Typical examples are when the bite vertical needs to be restored and the patient concern is that they cant get anything in between the teeth or that the teeth feel way to big.  Winnipeggers were a form of denture that was first used by a prosthodontist in Winnipeg. They are relatively copies of complete dentures using the existing bite and arrangement of teeth. If you cannot tolerate changes to your bite or occlusion then these may be the answer for you. However please be aware that no improvements in bite nor bite corrections can be made during these style of dentures. You may need to sign a waiver of acceptance for these types of dentures.

Copy dentures are digitally copied dentures using your existing dentures when you need a spare set. They are an economical set of dentures made for short term use. Going on an extended holiday? Then you can have a copy denture made as a spare set.......when you need several sets to correct the bite vertical dimension we can do that by a series of copy dentures with the vertical increasing successively so you make the changes gradually.

Transitional dentures are usually used for immediate dentures as a first set. Because we cannot do any sort of tryin or bite registration to make corrections to the bite, we may opt for a transitional set as a first choice and then after about 9 months we will fabricate a set of definitive dentures.

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