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Titanium Partial Dentures

Many times partial dentures come from the lab and just don't fit.

Titanium Partials are a far superior form of metal partial denture that offer strength, reliability, and is a far superior than standard chromium cobalt stainless steel partial denture frameworks. They are the same price as a standard CrCo framework and offer superior strength and fit. Titanium partials are done using a scanned copy of the models we make and are cold milled so they are not subjected to the high temperatures as the standard CrCo frameworks have.

At Dan's we use Titanium frameworks as a standard for metal partials. Because there is extra time to fabricate the metal framework it ads about two to three weeks on the wait time for partial dentures.


titanium framework for partial denture

Titanium is a relatively new metal and it is outstanding. This is because it is cold milled. Cold milling is not subject to the traditional casting and its associated distortions. Titanium partials are exactly fitting.

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