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Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures offer a wide range of advantages, including:


  • You can go about your daily routine soon after the procedure.

  • Dentures fill up the gaps, act as splints, and control swelling and bleeding.

  • They do require more adjustments due to continuing bone loss post extraction for a period of about 6 months.

  • They appear like your natural teeth allowing you to mingle into social settings confidently.


After about 6 months we will do a permanent reline and if you want any changes to your dentures appearance we will do up a new tryin and provide you with a final restoration you can be proud to wear. Please note that the cost of relining is not included in the price of immediate dentures. This is because some insurance companies will treat the initial set as transitional. That being said they may opt to have a new set made.

Immediate dentures are usually difficult to fit because we assume that anything below the gingival margins will remain intact. Nothing can be farther from the truth.


Remember a while back 40 years ago that immediate dentures were the normal treatment of choice for those with periodontal disease. Nowadays this is the exception rather than the rule as dentists try their best to keep remaining teeth intact. The fact is that immediate dentures rarely fit because the suction is compromised when the back teeth are extracted. Its not that the dentures don't fit, its because more bone than originally anticipated has been taken away.

The amount of extra care and attention makes immediate dentures more costly.

Here at Dan's we provide you with temporary relines as often as you need free of charge. You can expect about three or four temporary relines needed.


If the back teeth are extracted first and allowed to heal before getting the front teeth extracted then the fit is much better and the chances for success is far greater.

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