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Standard Dentures

General Information

Standard dentures

Standard dentures provide a budget-friendly option to replace missing teeth. With proper care, these appliances can last many years. Standard dentures stay in place through suction, impacting activities like chewing and speaking.

Standard Dentures are what we call economy or insurance grade. They are a basic form of denture and are meant to be replaced about every five years.


- an economical form of denture that is easy to fabricate.


-   Because these are an economy denture you can expect that the finished product is not the same as advanced sets so you may need more adjustment appointments and the fit may need to be modified. -  -   Also the choice in teeth may be limited.

 -  Because this form of bite registration uses only bite blocks they can vary greatly from practitioner to practitioner and they are easily the least favorable bite registration due to possible tipping during registration..

-   these dentures are often made to be replaced every five years and may use lower grade teeth that wear out faster but usually they wear out faster because occlusal grinding of the hard cusps is necessary and compromised.

- People who buy this denture have the same expectations as someone who buys an upgraded denture and while the materials and processes are the same the preparation work for them especially the bite registration has some drawbacks.

-  Can take longer to balance and may need to balance in the mouth which is a less accurate form of laboratory occlusal balancing. The more occlusal grinding that we do will reduce the life of the teeth. They may need to be replaced every five years.


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