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 If you have ever tried to phone one and been placed on hold for hours on end then you will know they are not the most accessible businesses in the world. We will help you with your preauthorizations and claims until the insurance is paid.We will work with you to maximize your claims so you can get some of your hard earned money at back.


If you like we can help you fill out your preauthorization forms and claim forms


 Assign your benefits to us and we will take care of the rest and issue you with an invoice when all is said and done. Then when you receive your invoice in the email you can pay directly online through our quick books account.

Insurance companies

Common websites

You can click on one of these links to get to an insurance company

Sunlife   , Canada Life     Manulife     Greenshield

Blue Cross Alberta Blue Cross Medevie

NIHB   Express Scripts  Quick Card

Alberta Seniors Benefits

find information here

This page will be for the benefit of those who need to access Alberta Seniors Benefit Page.

Click here to find information on Alberta Seniors Benefits

Click here to download the application form for Alberta Seniors Benefits

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