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Repairs and relines

Most repairs can be done in a day. We do not do repairs while you wait because a proper repair takes time and care. Sometimes we need to do a repair in several stages.


We can also modify your existing denture to prevent the necessity of repairs in the future such as adding a mesh or screen in your denture for strength.


Repairs that happen regularly need attention. Issues that can cause repeated breakage can be from heavy bite, worn out dentures and thin dentures without extra reinforcement.


The occlusion or bite may need to be adjusted to accommodate your denture. Sometimes the teeth need to be adjusted too to extend the lifespan of the repaired denture.


Our motto for repairs....(If it ain't broke don't fix it)

Example of denture after microwaving.

This is an example of a denture that was placed in the microwave oven. It actually caught on fire. We were able to repair the denture even with out a full remake.

repairs before and after at Dan's
Braided wire strengthener for heavy bites or thin acrylic.

This was a severely broken denture that was repaired and then relined.

Sometimes when the acrylic is just too thin we can insert a wire strengthener.  It might crack but it will not break.

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