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Digitally designed dentures

Digitally designed dentures have many benefits.


How many times have you tried in a denture at a clinic and told the denturist I need to try them at home to find out if they will  work?

- we  provide a try in that you can take home and try out in reality situations such as chewing and eating and speaking.


-  The try in dentures will appear and fit just like the final denture.

-   The files used to generate the final denture are saved and if you lose a set or a single denture your temporary can be used as a spare set. So we can print out another set in a matter of days.


-The modern resins are much stronger and way more esthetic than the resins in the past.


-Digitally designed dentures cost the same as normally made dentures.

Asiga max 3d printer

Dan's was one of the first in Edmonton to have a completely functional digital design system in place. However because the first generation resins for printing the dentures was not lasting the longest we could not justify offering them to the public. that has changed. We now have second generation resins in stock and can print up a highly esthetic and longer lasting denture that will require very few adjustments.

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