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Equilibrated protocols are necessary when

the patient needs extra work in determining

centric relation and / or desires implants


BPS® precision-designed dentures

When you need premium-quality dentures, BPS® is a clear choice to get the optimum comfort, appearance, fit and function.



-   It is made up of quality materials that resist stain, chipping, and wear. Conventional denture bases are prone to shrinkage and require frequent adjustments. The Ivobase injection system compensates for this, ensuring a great fit at all times for enhanced comfort and functionality.

-  Strict protocols of fabrication bite registration tooth selection and setup need to be followed so a higher level of competence is necessary. The practitioner needs to be qualified to fabricate them. and they need to equipment capable of fabricating them which is costly. so that adds to the fees.







NAIT protocol dentures

Our denturist will follow the prescribed

denture fabrication protocol and has received the NAIT’s 3-year Denturist Technology program.


-  Adhering to protocol helps us fabricate dentures with precision, down to the last detail.

-  This method follows this protocol

preliminary impressions, final impressions and vertical registration, pin tracing for centric relation and facebow mounts, try in, and insertion followed by scheduled followups and post insertion balancing.

-  Dentures last longer because far less grinding in and balancing is necessary.

-  Often come with premium teeth.


- higher fees must be charged compared to standard dentures due to the advanced procedures to prepare the bite registration and impressions.

- are compatible with future implant placement. we recommend an equilibrated denture for implants overdentures because the advanced equilibration will cause less lateral forces on the implant abutments.

High precision articulator used in the BPS protocol
BPS certification
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